The Intelaphase team of PLM experts has worked in numerous industries in our previous engagements and brings the following vertical experience:

Automotive & Aerospace: In the two industries that are defined by complex business relationships, component interactions, and diverse technologies that apply to every project, we have helped many automotive and aerospace OEMs, parts suppliers, and after-market component manufacturers implement the right PLM solution that has helped them:

  • Shorten time-to-market in New Product Introduction
  • Tighten collaboration between distributed supply chains
  • Maintain legacy components and integrate new technologies with old

Retail: Apparel, footwear, and the accessories organizations are constantly seeking to introduce new products to the market for every season. Intelaphase experts have worked with global apparel chains in implementing highly responsive PLM solutions that have helped the organizations:

  • Create and maintain a transparent master data and technical data management platform
  • Build costing/buying and margins calculation into the system
  • Improve collaboration and simplify daily operations
  • Implement workflow management to model and monitor all the activities to be carried out for each season securing full transparency and increased agility at each step
  • Reduce errors in the design phase and product development times

Manufacturing: With Globalization, disparate enterprise systems between partners and lack of platform maturity, manufacturers are faced with new challenges even as technology advances, offshore manufacturing increases and new ways of working emerge. A robust PLM implementation will help manufacturing organizations:

  • Deliver faster and more scalable product introductions
  • Optimize design processes across partners to reduce errors
  • Streamline manufacturing practices and adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Manage the complete end-of-life of retired products